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the project

This is a monumental project that has the potential to continue improving how the Government of Canada engages with Indigenous artists and artisans. We are calling on First Nations, Metis, and Inuit peoples to participate in this RFP. You can download the RFP by clicking here

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indigenous cosmology& art

Location: 25 St Clair Ave East.Set to become one of Canada's 1st federal carbon neutral buildings.

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the project

The building which this artwork installation is planned for is currently undergoing a major rehabilitation andretrofit is at 25 St. Clair Ave East in Toronto, Ontario. The building has also been layered with several Indigenousinterventions that support education, Indigenous story telling, and spaces to accommodate all types of culturalpractices, as well as providing economic opportunities for Indigenous businesses through furniture procurementstrategies. art of this collective Indigenization of the spaces within the building is the Indigenous story tellingthrough imagery on the vertical wood slats that shape and surround the Education Centre.

Built in the 1950s, through the rehabilitation process, 25 St Clair Avenue East is set to become one of Canada'sfirst federal carbon neutral buildings. When complete it will include solar panels, a geothermal heating andcooling system, and will serve as the main Government of Canada building for PSPC Ontario Region.The building sits adjacent to the top of Yellow Creek, an integral part of the Don Valley River system.

These waterways were very important to the movement of animals, and Indigenous Peoples who have inhabited thisarea for over 10,000 years. Understanding the connection with the water and land is an integral part ofunderstanding the themes that are to be expressed in this work.

Indigenous People have been living on and responsible stewards of the territory of what is now known asToronto for thousands of years. Today, Toronto has one of the largest and long-standing urban Indigenouspopulations in Canada - by some estimates there are between 70,000 and 100,000 First Nations, M├ętis peopleand Inuit. The Anishinaabeg, the Haudenosaunee, the Chippewa, and the Seneca Peoples represent some of theIndigenous Peoples who have thrived here long before Europeans arrived, settled, and colonized these lands.

First Nation, Metis, and Inuit peoples have studied the skies for thousands of years. The sky has created rich andimportant beliefs and mythologies. These sky-stories have inspired wonderful artistic interpretations. Our goal is to create a beautiful and colorful environment that builds a stronger connection and understandingof our nations first peoples. Like all great art, hopefully it inspires a conversation.

The art installations will be going on the interior of the building on the first floor and there are three separateinstallation scopes of work. We will host a review of these three installation on a Virtual Meeting which hasbeen scheduled and the link provided within this document so we can provide more information regarding theareas of work, the teams preliminary concepts for the artists to work from and the project timelines and enddates.