We as a collaboration of marketing strategists, designers, writers, programmers, business developers, innovators, and dreamers will foster the creation of experiences that will inspire growth and positivity.


Launchpad Creative aims to carve out its specialized and entertaining position on the world stage in branding innovation.

The Team

Cliff Skelliter - Founder + Brand Director
Jenn Ricker- Communications Director
David Danger Gagnon - Video Producer
Erin Kendall- Copywriter
Jason Hebert - Art Director
Bianca Lefebvre - Graphic Designer
Madison Lemieux- Graphic Designer


1. Embrace failure
2. Demonstrate resilience
3. Respect the vast knowledge of those who came before and after us
4. Immerse ourselves in the different
5. Proceed with patience
6. Admit when we are wrong
7. Give more than we take
8. Execute daily
9. Create


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