Princess Diana Accredited Access

PDAA is a first-of-its-kind walk-thru documentary-exhibit that pairs stunning visuals with new revelations, tracing the emotional journey of Diana as she modernizes Motherhood, expresses new freedoms in Fashion, and shows the world how to truly be human.

Launchpad Creative was engaged to build the brand for this iconic exhibition. The experience launched In LA and Chicago in early December to much fanfare. Cliff Skelliter (Launchpad CEO) also operated as the Curator and Creative Director of the exhibit. The Launchpad team, including; Jenn Ricker, Bianca Lefebvre, Madison Lemieux, Miranda Jarvis, David Gagnon, Jason Hebert all collaborated in the design and ux of the physical exhibit.

Responsibilities: Strategy, Design, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Media Relations, Project Management.


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